"It is easier," I reply. "But we are headed downtown, and turning right will take us back home."

This last Friday, I began the day planning to do some work at a client's house. As I was getting ready to go, I  quickly checked out the live video stream of Aretha Franklin's memorial on NPR. Seven hours later, after the final performance by Stevie Wonder, I stepped away from my computer and returned to the awareness of where I was - in my room full of instruments, books, and half-finished projects. 

All those performers... all those ministers... they all spoke of a woman who gave it her all every time she stepped up to a microphone. They talked of a woman who stood up for equal rights, and helped others whenever she could. They talked of the artist and the friend.

It dawned on me that I had just spent most of my day learning something valuable about performing - and life. It brought to mind a recent conversation with a friend about our respective bands - a conversation we had about how to grow an audience.

What is really on my mind was how we can sometimes allow our insecurities to take over and sabotage our visions. 

I have thought a lot lately about "fitting in" and being "liked" by everyone. That seems like something you do in Junior High School, where everyone's insecurities are at the fore. Being unique is really hard at that age, and many an ad agency preys on that to sell kids the latest gadget, outfit, and sugary snack. 

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