Rock Hopping

Is living life not like scrambling up a stream, carefully stepping on each rock as if it might tumble or be slippery? With each step, one has to land with balance and determination, taking one step at a time with…



I remember a time before cell phones and Facebook when I had great ideas and projects and could focus on them without distractions.

I initially and somewhat reluctantly obtained by first cell phone primarily because my partner was ill, and…


The Desperate Crowdpleasers

Dear readers allow me to vent, rant, and otherwise share my artistic opinion with you in the event that you are indeed reading these words. (As I have been reading Dostoyevsky, this may get a bit verbose.)

My band, Jazz…


Just Turn Right

My mom is a nervous passenger. She never learned to drive, and therefore must be driven to wherever she needs to go. Often, when encountering a busy intersection, she will anxiously say,"Just turn right - It's easier."

"It is easier,"…


All I Can Give

This last Friday, I began the day planning to do some work at a client's house. As I was getting ready to go, I  quickly checked out the live video stream of Aretha Franklin's memorial on NPR. Seven hours later…


Artistic Decisons

Artistic Decisions

In my last newsletter, I spoke of a possible gig offer where the producer of the event asked us to "leave the dog at home" - referring to our band mascot, Jazz - Rick's taxidermied canine pal who…


Are we still in Junior High?

I have thought a lot lately about "fitting in" and being "liked" by everyone. That seems like something you do in Junior High School, where everyone's insecurities are at the fore. Being unique is really hard at that age, and…