Jazz The Dog:

Rick Zeek - Guitar, Vocals

Patti Maxine - Lap Steel, Vocals

Rhan Wilson - Guitar, Vocals, Looping

Jazz, the dog. - Mascot, best friend. Read her story here.

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Creating "The Space"

Though we may have a set list in mind, we play to those present; in the moment; and to the physical size of the room. 

We strive to create a musical "space" - that magical ambience where the sound is perfect and we are free to connect with our listeners. It is in that space that we can best express ourselves and respond to those who are tuned in.

Animated, funky, and lively at times - we like to go deep, too.

Where else can you hear:

Hey Good Lookin' - Sung by Patti in a slow, bossa nova feel

Living High - Upbeat bluegrass style original by Rick Zeek

Ain't Nobody - The classic Chaka Khan sung by Rhan a la singer/songwriter

Ode To Billy Joe - Patti lays out this old time classic for you to remember

Angel From Montgomery - Slow and funky sung by Rick, Rhan, and Patti

Wagon Wheel/Helpless/Knockin' on Heaven's Door - The most soulful mash up of these three classics you've ever heard. 

The Brady Bunch - That's right: the theme song from the TV show, but sung to the tune of Summertime. Ya gotta hear it to believe it.

and many more...