To My Students

Whether you had intended to study art or not, when you picked up an instrument and started to learn to play - you started on that path.

You might dismiss this notion, as all you wanted to do was to learn a few songs to play with friends, but they're connected, and the sooner you accept that, the sooner you can take advantage of it.

Now, let me backtrack a bit…

When I say “study art,” I simply mean to think “artfully” in the broadest sense; to observe the various ways people express themselves; to notice the things that attract your attention and why, and to think about how you can incorporate those observations into your playing. 

Must you be loud all the time? Or soft? Or, it there some time balance in between? That's art.

Can you play less and still get your point across? That's art.

Once you allow yourself to be an artist, you can go about being a better one.

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