I love teaching music. I believe I have a practical and easy-to-follow approach to learning music - starting with the most basic, and leading the student forward to where they want to go.

I can help you learn:
• Guitar
• Ukulele
• Bass
• Percussion/drums
as well as basic theory, rhythm, and musical "thinking" on any instrument.

Please contact me for rates and available times.
I can also teach via Zoom, Skype, Facetime, and take payments via PayPal, Venmo, credit card, cash, or check.



Please feel free to contact me to ask any questions about lessons, learning, and what you may expect from me during our lesson.



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The Book!

Rhan Wilson wrote a book about playing music. Read all about, and purchase it here by clicking on the book cover image.

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Upcoming Events

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Jazz The Dog at Joe's Bar

Joe's Bar, 13118 Hwy 9, Boulder Creek, CA

Rhan Wilson, Patti Maxine, Rick Zeek, and Michael Westendorp are Jazz The Dog and no, they don't play jazz - they play a mix of inspired Americana, originals, and some jazzy soulful deep grooves. Come up the valley to Joe's, or come down from the mountains - it's all good.


Jazz the Dog at Stockwell Cellars

Stockwell Cellars, 1100 Fair Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA

Another great time at the winery with Jazz The Dog: Rhan Wilson, Rick Zeek, Patti Maxine, and Michael Westendorp.


Jazz The Dog at NUBO

New Bohemia Brewing Co., 1030 41st Ave., Santa Cruz, CA

Jazz The Dog plays upstairs at this 42st Avenue Brewery. Join Rhan, Patti, Rick, and Michael for some fun and inspired music.