Over the years, I have had the pleasure of recording assorted tracks for various artists' projects.

Below it a list of some of the work I can name in no particular order (yet):

CD - Rhan Wilson, An Altared Christmas - circa 1995
Rhan Wilson - guitar, bass, percussion, keys, programming, producer

CD -Rhan Wilson, The Return Of An Altared Christmas - circa 1997
Rhan Wilson - guitar, bass, percussion, keys, programming, producer

CD -An Altared Christmas LIVE
Rhan Wilson - producer, guitar, ukulele, vocals

Rhan Wilson, Lickin' (single)
Rhan - Producer, bass, ukulele, percussion, vocals

Sand In My Crackie (single)
Rhan - Producer, bass, ukulele, percussions, vocals

Rhan Wilson, Before I Was Born (single)
Rhan - Producer, bass, guitar, percussion, vocals, keys, programming


CD -Space Gypsies - circa 2001
Rhan Wilson &  Thoth
Rhan  Wilson - percussion/producer

CD -THOTH - Maiden Flight - dhejuti records - circa 1995
Rhan Wilson - percussion

CD -Shamans of Sound - Land of The Blind
Rhan Wilson - percussion, ukulele, bass

CD -Haunted By Waters - LIke the Dust - XDOT Music
Rhan Wilson - percussion

CD -Zola - circa 1990's
Rhan Wilson - percussion

CD -Bob Burnett - Loops And Lines
Rhan Wilson - tabla

CD -Celina Gutierrez - Little Lanikai
Rhan Wilson - producer, bass, percussion, 

CD -Jimmy Buzuzi - Victory - 2019
Rhan Wilson - Drums

CD -Skylark Musica - She Still Believes in Love - 2019
Rhan Wilson - Percussion, bass, guitar

CD -Christie McCarthy - Big Picture - 2019
Rhan Wilson - bass, ukulele, piano on End of Days

CD -Christie McCarthy - Force Majeure - 2022
Bass, ukulele, guitar, percussion

CD -Rick Zeek - The Gap - 2022
Guitar, bass, percussion, banjo

CD -Jayme Kelly Curtis - Mid Life Chrysalis
Rhan Wilson - Percussion on Tunisia and What Would Jed Do?

Tammi Brown - Man's World (single)
Rhan Wilson - guitar

Tammi Brown - Angels We Have Heard on High (single)
Rhan Wilson - assistant string arranger, bells, original alternate arrangement


Graphic Design

Amanda Wisler CD - Eye To Eye

Tim Bennett CD - Eye in The Lens

Rick Zeek CD - The Gap