1. Fatherhood

From the recording Fatherhood


©2023 Rhan Wilson

I watched him cling to you
Trusting You’d keep him safe

As the waves came crashing ‘round

High in the air he’d fly

Under your watchful eye
Screaming, daddy - do it again
He would stand beside you

As he learned your tools of trade
He’d watch as you shaped Your words, the wood,

and your photographs

Oh, how I envy you
Oh, how I can only dream
That one might look to me
as he does to you

I know I could have been so good
and if I had a son, I too
would teach him everything I knew

I often wonder if I could

But life just didn’t turn that way
perhaps another life, someday

He sees your face within his own
When he looks into the mirror
He hopes and hopes and hopes and hopes and hopes...

he made you proud

And in one hundred years
His son will say through tears
Daddy I love you

And you taught me well.